Joy Reid: Bill Clinton May Not Be ‘Emotionally’ Ready for Dems Criticizing His Presidency

joy reidWhy did Bill Clinton get so angry at #BlackLivesMatter protesters earlier today? MSNBC’s Joy Reid thinks it’s his “political id” showing.

Many people in the racial justice movement have publicly expressed frustrations with the former president over the crime bill he signed and Hillary Clinton‘s past reference to “superpredators.” When protesters disrupted a Clinton campaign rally earlier today, the candidate’s husband responded by absolutely tearing into them and saying things like “You are defending the people who kill the people whose lives you say matter!”

Both Reid and Chris Hayes were pretty stunned by that tonight. Reid made this observation:

“His entire presidency has begun to be relitigated in the Obama era, where almost every decision that he made––whether it’s on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and on DOMA, or whether it’s on criminal justice reform and the crime bill––it’s all being thrown in the air and batted around by Democrats and I think he’s not in a place where emotionally he’s ready to deal with that.”

Hayes also found it very “jarring” that Clinton was using some of the “very dehumanizing” rhetoric of the 90s.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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