Joy Reid: How Can Anyone Not Know Trump’s Racial Attitudes After Birtherism?

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President Donald Trump has received heavy criticism from across the political spectrum for his “both sides” response to the violence in Charlottesville, due to him claiming the “alt-left” was just as much to blame while essentially defending the alt-right.

Following that response, Trump has continued to focus on racial and cultural issues by tweeting about Confederate monuments and “Radical Islamic Terrorism,” going so far as to toss out a debunked claim about General Pershing killing Muslims with bullets dipped in pigs blood.

Tonight on MSNBC, host Joy Reid pointed out that the American public really can’t claim ignorance when it comes to the president’s attitudes on race considering his recent past. She then played a clip of Trump on CNN in 2012 stating that Barack Obama‘s birth certificate was not authentic and that CNN would get better ratings if they reported on Obama’s birth accurately.

“Is there any way any adult who has been sentient can claim they do not know Donald Trump’s racial attitudes?” an incredulous Reid posed to her panel.

It wasn’t until the 2016 presidential campaign neared its end that Trump finally conceded that the former president was born in America, more than five years after he first embraced the conspiracy theory while flirting with a 2012 presidential run. Of course, while grudgingly making the admission on Obama’s birth, he also blamed Hillary Clinton for starting the birther conspiracy.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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