Juan Williams Accuses Chris Wallace Of Not ‘Playing Fair’ In Heated Occupy Wall Street Discussion

On today’s Fox News Sunday, the impact of the overall economic situation in the country on the Presidential elections was at the forefront of discussion, and Juan Williams and host Chris Wallace got into a heated discussion over the impact of Occupy Wall Street on the national discourse, one in which Williams, interrupted, did not feel he was given fair time.

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On the economy and tax debate, Williams argued that the Democrats “get the better side of that argument, it’s not even close” in a general presidential election, given that Republicans refused to raise a single dollar in taxes, which Williams considered bad optics, particular given the political climate. There was, Williams argued, an “overwhelming impact on the presidential campaign for Republicans in this time of Occupy Wall Street,” and they are now “the protectors of the super rich.”

“I don’t think we should talk about Occupy Wall Street as a plus anymore,” Wallace retorted, “with all the violence in the streets.” Williams immediately replied that Wallace was “getting distracted by people who are crazy people,” and that the message was resounding in mainstream America. “The fact is, when you ask most people ‘is Wall Street out of control?’; ‘is there inequality in terms of income in this country?’ people say yes.”

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Wallace then didn’t let him finish a point, citing the show’s time constraints and the need to “play fair” with the other panelists. “You’re not playing fair, but go ahead,” snapped Williams.

The segment via Fox News below:

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