Juan Williams Battles Co-Hosts Over Trump: He Deserves ’Lifetime Achievement Award for Fake News’


Today’s the big day, or at least is should be. After being pushed back, it is the day that Donald Trump promised everyone the Fake News Awards, which will go “to the most corrupt & biased of the Mainstream Media.” Since this announcement, this event has been on the minds of many in the media.

On The Five, the roundtable discussed some of the possible winners for the award, or in this case losers. Jesse Watters sounded off with his opinion of who some of the nominees should be. Among his picks, Jim Acosta who he called a “drama queen,” and Senator Jeff Flake who he said was “totally out off control.”

Juan Williams was quick to say that Flake isn’t the only member of the GOP to be critical of Trump’s treatment of the press. He pointed to the recent scathing article from John McCain where the Arizona senator slammed Trump’s attacks on the press.

When it was Williams’ turn to put in his input over who should be handed a statue, the political analyst didn’t hold back.

“How about this? Trump should get the lifetime achievement award for fake news,” Williams said. “The birther movement, Obamacare is dead, right? How about Obama is wiretapping Trump Tower? Remember that one?”

On a roll, he continued, “The biggest inaugural crowd ever! How about this one? Landslide! I won in… the biggest landslide ever!”

Williams pushed back against his co-hosts as he reiterated that “Trump should be crowned the fountainhead of fake news.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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