Juan Williams Clashes With Co-Hosts Over Antifa: ‘Who’s Walking Around With Tiki Torches?’


Fox News’ Juan Williams clashed with his co-hosts on The Five today as they were criticizing comments from CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin and Don Lemon regarding Antifa.

Toobin said Trump’s invocation of Antifa in talking about post-midterm violence was clearly a dog whistle, telling Wolf Blitzer last night, “The theme here is, ‘I’m Donald Trump and I’ll protect you from the scary black people.'”

Lemon himself said no one condones Antifa violence, but said, “There were different reasons for Antifa and for these Neo-Nazis to be there.”

The roundtable slammed CNN over these remarks, as well as the fallout from Lanny Davis‘ comments walking away from their Trump Tower report that he had confirmed weeks ago and the scrutiny surrounding CNN as a result.

Williams said the big news here is actually Trump’s comments themselves about violence, saying Trump’s warning “doesn’t make sense.”

He added, “You say Antifa is violence. Who ran over that girl in Charlottesville?”

Brian Kilmeade asked, “Do you think Antifa is making the country a better place to live?”

Williams responded, “Anyone who takes on fascists and racists is a good person.”

“If Antifa is an African-American group, the Aryan Nation is a book club,” Greg Gutfeld said of Toobin’s remarks as he blasted the way the media covers Antifa. “What Don Lemon said was basically he believes people who disagree with him are evil, therefore you can justify violent behavior against them and that is the seeds of fascism. By the way, how can you take any moral advice from Jeffrey to Ben? Please Google him.”

Williams shot back, “Who’s walking around with tiki torches? Who is saying, ‘I can carry open weapons in front of a synagogue and forcing Jewish people to exit out of the back due to fear’? I don’t think that was Antifa.”

Brian Kilmeade responded with recent examples of Antifa violence, with Gutfeld saying, “They wear masks because they’re cowards. Remember who did that? The KKK.”

Williams said, “The KKK, the white nationalists, and the neo-Nazis––that’s what Antifa stands against.”

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