Juan Williams: ‘Insulting to Black People’ That White House Elevates Sharpton

Fox’s Eric Bolling went after Al Sharpton today for his tax issues that have somehow not stopped his White House invitations. Juan Williams agreed and went so far as to say it’s “insulting to black people” for the White House to be elevating Sharpton like that.

Williams suspected that the Obama White House just doesn’t like Jesse Jackson and since Sharpton is the only big alternative, the White House just “anointed him as their official black leader,” which people find insulting.

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Bolling found some extreme irony in how Sharpton owes millions in taxes, but was helping President Obama pick the new Attorney General, who runs the Department of Justice, which oversees the IRS. Jonathan Hoenig joked that Sharpton’s seeking an audience with the president because he can’t get one on MSNBC.

Williams kept going after Sharpton, saying he personifies everything wrong about phony leadership these days, and even remarking, “It’s insulting to black people that he would be lifted up to that height.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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