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Juan Williams: Media Matters ‘Ruins People’s Lives’ Over Political Disagreements

Juan Williams appeared on Fox & Friends and told Brian Kilmeade it was laughable that Media Matters is considered a charitable institution when they are dedicated to silencing honest debate. Kilmeade was shocked that Media Matters searches for disgruntled Fox News employees to help with their campaign against the network, and now Williams and other Fox personalities seem ready to fight back.

Williams described the evolution of Media Matters:

“Obviously it’s not an honest watchdog group anymore. They used to monitor the media and point out things that were wrong, false, inappropriate, which is fine, but what you are hearing from Ari Rabin-Havt [Executive Vice President of Media Matters] is that really now they’re involved in opposition research. They are digging up dirt on people. They’re trying to ruin people’s lives and reputation because they disagree with their politics. And, in specific here, what they disagree with is conservative politics and they really don’t like Fox News.”

Williams mentioned that even his former employer NPR may be guilty of only giving one point of view, but that offense is nothing when compared to Media Matters, which sets out to destroy their political opponents. And with many Fox News shows now targeting Media Matters, it seems like a full-scale war between both sides has officially begun.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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