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Juan Williams Mocks Jesse Watters Amid Reports on John Durham, IG Investigations: ‘You Said Wait for John Durham!’

Fox News host Juan Williams mocked fellow host Jesse Watters, pointing to reports indicating nothing would come from Justice Department investigations championed by Fox opinion hosts.

“I think the Democrats have the votes to impeach, that’s what Nancy Pelosi announced today when she said we are going to go ahead, the facts are on their side. They are undisputed. … I tell you what, most fair-minded people think that the facts are pretty clear,” Williams told his co-hosts on The Five Thursday.

While trying to make his point, Williams was frequently interrupted by Watters and Greg Gutfeld.

“You know it’s really crazy? John Durham? Apparently according to The Washington Post – not able to produce anything that says ‘oh this was a hoax'” Williams told Watters.

Williams was referring to a new report that claimed the upcoming DOJ inspector general investigation will find the FBI had a legitimate reason to investigate President Donald Trump’s campaign and that Durham’s investigation will not contradict that.

“You said wait for the IG Michael Horowitz, wait for John Durham!” he continued, with Watters contending you can’t believe everything the Washington Post reports.

Watters also noted there is an impeachment hearing scheduled the same day that the IG report will be released.

“By the way where is your boy, Giuliani? He is still over in the Ukraine still doing this and you want to close your eyes,” Williams responded.

Watters argued Williams was “just mad.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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