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Juan Williams Defends Obama From ‘Golfer-in-Chief’ Charge On FBN’s Follow The Money

On Follow the Money, Eric Bolling hosted a panel discussion on President Obama’s response to Japan’s ongoing crisis and Obama’s energy policy generally. Bolling questioned whether the “golfer-in-chief” was serious about developing homegrown sources of energy, prompting Juan Williams to launch into defending Obama by first suggesting, “don’t say that Democrats don’t want any energy, that’s not true.”

Williams spirited defense of Obama continued:

“What is the President of the United States supposed to do about a tsunami in Japan . . . What’s wrong with playing golf? . . . What are you going to do, you want him to fly over there like he’s a Superman? You really think he’s the messiah!”

Although Williams found his perspective outnumbered on the panel, he more than held his own. To end the lively debate, former Republican Senator Al D’Amato weighed in with his declaration that unless we get Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid under control, then this country is going “in the shitter.” All on the panel had enjoyable disagreements throughout, but with D’Amato’s censored word, all let out a good laugh.

Watch the clip from Fox Business below:

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