Juan Williams to Fox Guest: ‘Has it Ever Occurred to You Conservatives Are the Media?’

On Howard Kurtz’s Media Buzz Sunday morning, Fox analyst Juan Williams and Blaze anchor Amy Holmes disagreed over Bill Clinton’s assessment Saturday that Republicans have a “more reliable media base” than Democrats do.

“We have a reliable media base?” Holmes said, laughing. “Which media is he talking about?…Conservatives are piled on continuously by the media. The media loves nothing more than when Republicans are turning on one another.”

“Oh, come on,” Williams said. “Has it ever occurred to you that conservatives are the media? Don’t you work for the Blaze? Don’t you know about Drudge Report and Red State and Fox News?”

“Are you saying that we have the same amount of powers as, say, the New York Times or Washington Post?” Holmes asked.

“The Wall Street Journal is the number one newspaper and the most conservative editorial page in the nation,” Williams said.

“But not conservative on the reporting side,” Holmes replied.

“Thank god,” Williams said.

Watch the full clip here, via Fox News:

[Image via screengrab]

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