Williams to Krauthammer: ‘You Hurt Your Credibility’ Saying Nothing Going Right for Obama

Fox News contributor and columnist Juan Williams scolded conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer on Thursday for claiming that nothing is going right for President Barack Obama at the moment. Williams cited Obama’s fellow Democrats no longer running away from the Affordable Care Act and positive developments in Ukraine as two recent examples of successes. He added that Krauthammer harms his “credibility” by making unsubstantiated claims about his White House’s political position.

When asked by Special Report host Bret Baier what is going right for this White House at the moment, Krauthammer failed to think of one example save for the continuing progress of time.

“I don’t see a blue sky anywhere,” Krauthammer said.

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Williams disagreed. “I see Democrats now promoting Obamacare,” he said, “Republicans trying to come up with their own answer to Obamacare.” Williams also cited a reduction in the number of people seeking unemployment insurance.

“You get so political at some point, being critic-in-chief, I mean you hurt yourself,” Williams said. “You hurt your credibility.”

Watch the clip below via Fox News Channel:

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