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Judge Chastises Ed Schultz: You’re Not a Star ‘With This Staff’

Oh boy, we’re getting to the part of the Ed Schultz lawsuit that contains some real drama — the kind of drama that involves a judge snapping at the progressive MSNBC host for treating her staff rudely.

To recap: Schultz is currently being sued by former producer Michael Queen, who claims that after he helped the progressive pundit land a television show at MSNBC in 2008, Schultz breached their partnership agreement and cut him out completely.

Schultz claims there was no such agreement, and now here we are.

In any case, we’re only on day two of the proceedings, and D.C. federal court Judge Beryl Howell has already dropped hints that Schultz is a bit of a prima donna. As the Daily Caller reported (with precisely the right amount of hyperbole), Howell chastised Schultz’s lawyer, John Hayes, for something his client did. “Your client is a star, but not with this staff,” she said:

Howell seethed, “Arrogance is noticed by the jury and it’s noticed by my staff. I won’t have my staff treated discourteously. He may treat others discourteously, but not my staff.”

She angrily asked Hayes to please instruct his client to get the memo and behave appropriately.

Oh. He got it. As the judge went off, Schultz sat at a courtroom table still and stoic. No one on his stand of the case seemed to know how to react to the rudeness charge.

It’s still not clear exactly what Schultz did outside the courtroom, but when it warrants a Law and Order: SVU judge-style response, it’s gotta be good. (Send us tips plzthx.)

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