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Judge Jeanine Lectures NFL and Roger Goodell: ‘Shame on All of You!’

Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro issued a long-winded screed during her Saturday night opening monologue deploring NFL players who have protested the pregame national anthem — as well as the whole league and its commissioner.

During her rant, Pirro defended President Donald Trump’s call for firing those who take a knee during the Star Spangled Banner and his “son of a bitch” comment directed at the players. These fulminations came on Saturday during Pirro’s show Justice, where she also said the following:

“The biggest issue facing our country today is the tip-toeing and political correctness that has brought us to the brink of disaster in national security, politics, and sports. The question now is: do we have the fortitude, courage, and determination to stand up to those who threaten our values?… And don’t give me this crap that [NFL players] want to support reform and stand up against social injustice. You want to convince America that this is about social justice and the Constitution then maybe you ought to get off your ass and do something positive for the country that has allowed you to make a fortune.”

Additionally, Pirro claimed the NFL is not “a force for good” in communities like the league’s commissioner Roger Goodell says, pointing to arrest records and concussion reports as a sign that the game isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Ironically, Trump himself has disputed Pirro’s thoughts on concussions in the NFL, as the president has criticized overprotective referees and football’s new precautionary rules. “Concussion? Oh, got a little ding on the head, no, no you can’t play for the rest of the season,” said Trump last year, mocking football’s safety regulations.

“Shame on all of you. And shame on you, too, Roger Goodell for not showing you love this country as much as the president does — when you had the chance,” seethed Pirro, concluding her monologue.

Watch above via Fox News.

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