Judge Napolitano Challenges GOP’s Outside Counsel Report: ‘It’s Not a Courtroom, It’s Politics’


The frequency of Judge Andrew Napolitano’s appearances on Fox News seems to have risen significantly with the increased coverage of embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. And credit where due for the former judge turned TV analyst for consistently providing independent legal analysis that often flouts the Republican talking points one comes to expect from Fox News right-of-center opinionators.

The latest example comes when Napolitano joined the cast of Fox & Friends to discuss the recent report put forth by GOP’s outside counsel Rachel Miller, who prosecuted Dr. Christine Ford’s testimony during last week’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearings addressing her allegations of sexual assault by Kavanaugh over 30 years ago.

Miller recently submitted a report on Ford’s testimony that conservative media has efforted to amplify as much as possible because, from a Republican point of view, she ostensibly exonerates Kavanaugh from the charges. The memo (that went public yesterday) argued that a “reasonable prosecutor” would not bring a case against Kavanaugh based on Ford’s allegations.

Does this exonerate Kavanaugh? Well according to Judge Nap.

He didn’t quite go the Democratic “this is a job interview” route, but he did make the point that Miller’s prosecutorial point-of-view wasn’t truly germane. Why?

“This prosecutor is applying legal standards and legal tools to what is effectively a political environment, which is what the Senate Judiciary Committee was,” Nap said, adding “it’s not a courtroom, it’s politics.”

He then pushed back on Miller’s referring to herself as an “independent observer,” exclaiming “She is not. Her memo would have been more credible had she done that.

Watch the clip above courtesy of Fox News.




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