Napolitano: Hillary Clinton Has ‘A Political Interest’ In Saying People, Not Gov’t Are Behind Violence In Libya

On Thursday, Judge Andrew Napolitano stopped by Fox & Friends to weigh in on whether acts of war can be committed by foreign citizens as opposed to a foreign government.

“If what Secretary Clinton said is correct,” he began, “…and she has a political interest in saying what she said because she encouraged the President to bomb Libya to rid the country of the dictator Qaddafi… and point to the ambassador and to permit the people coming in who now run the government of Libya such as it is. They are not pro-Western, they are not pro-American. And it is in her best interest to say ‘this is not the government’ because she is unhappy with what happened. If she is right, then — as horrific as this is — under the law, it is not an act of war.”

Later, he added that the Obama administration has essentially “created a maelstrom” in Libya that he believes will only grow worse.

Have a look at the segment, via Fox News:

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