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Judge Napolitano: I Don’t See How John Edwards Avoids Jail Time

Judge Andrew Napolitano spoke with Martha MacCallum earlier today about the developments in the criminal case against former presidential candidate John Edwards. MacCallum described it as an “incredible fall from grace” and the Judge felt that the government’s case is so strong, regardless of a plea or trial, Edwards is likely to be behind bars for at least some time.

Napolitano considered this to be a “classic case of the misuse of federal campaign funds” and combined with the charges of conspiracy to commit a crime, was stunned by his own conclusion:

“He’s facing two five-year charges. The evidence of guilt on both is overwhelming. He’s facing ten years in jail. In our federal system you serve 85% of the time. You’re talking eight and a half years in jail for someone who ran for President twice.”

Given the fact that even a plea deal is likely to carry a one-year jail term in their estimation, it seems as if the embarrassment Edwards already endured for his wrongdoing will not be his only punishment.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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