Judge Napolitano: Mueller Could Potentially Indict Trump After Flynn Plea Deal


Earlier today, following the blockbuster news that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI over his Russian contacts and would be testifying against President Donald Trump, Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano said this was a “nightmare for Donald Trump.”

Judge Nap has now expanded on his remarks, and in his opinion, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe could very well lead to Trump’s exit from office.

Calling into Shepard Smith Reporting, Napolitano told anchor Shepard Smith noted that if Mueller has enough evidence to charge Trump with a crime, a “constitutional crisis will come.” The Fox News analyst then explained that if the special counsel doesn’t indict the president, he could send that evidence over the House of Representatives.

“He could be indicted?” Smith asked.

“Yes, he could, Shep,” Napolitano responded. “Again, this has not happened and we don’t know where it would go if a sitting president is indicted.”

The judge went on to state that it was possible all the evidence won’t come from Flynn, adding that Flynn could lead investigators to others who may have further evidence, such as emails, notes and memos. This led to Smith to ask whether or not Trump may have committed an impeachable offense.

“It would depend on when this occurred,” Napolitano answered. “If it occurred while he was a candidate and the purpose of communicating with the Russians was to facilitate and encourage or justify their interference with the American political process, you have a very serious criminal offense, which would probably constitute an impeachable offense.”

He added that there were other possibilities that could range from serious offenses that may not be impeachable to categories that were.

“The President of the United States has steadfastly repeatedly and consistently denied that he had any knowledge of any involvement with the Russians,” the judge stated. “If General Flynn contradicts that in a credible way under oath, we have a serious problem on our hands.”

He concluded that from the transcripts of Flynn’s statements in court today, Flynn’s conversations with Russian officials had two motivations — to interfere with the Obama Administration’s foreign policy and to cover up any communications that occurred between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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