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Judge Napolitano: Newark Law Would Require Pizzerias To Hire Armed Guards

Anyone who has ever heard of Newark, NJ, probably has heard a bad thing or two about its crime rate– but is it really this bad? A city councilman is now proposing a law that would require certain small restaurants to have “armed guards” standing over the places after 9 PM. On last night’s Freedom Watch, Judge Andrew Napolitano explained the law and demanded to know how small businesses should pay for them.

The law, proposed by Councilman Ras Baraka, comes in light of a recent drive-by shooting at Texas Fried Chicken and Pizza, according to Reuters, and would require any business of a certain kind that desires to be open after 9 PM to pay for armed guards in their business. That kind, explained Judge Napolitano, were those according to Baraka that were “not even suitable to sit down and have a meal” and its purpose is “to make everyone feel responsible.”

“It’s not the government’s duty to make everyone responsible!” Judge Napolitano argued, adding that the fact that the bill doesn’t really say where the money from the armed guards would come from is a red flag (Baraka, according to the Reuters article, appears to want the businesses to pay out of pocket). “Leave private business alone,” he demands, “they can take care of themselves.”

The segment (which also features two, less Newark-y stories) via Fox Business below:

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