Judge Napolitano Not On Board With Brian Kilmeade’s Suggestion To ‘Intimidate’ Voters

Judge Andrew Napolitano stopped by Fox & Friends early Monday morning to impart his two cents on voting in the upcoming election, and whether we’ll have a repeat of the “Hanging Chad” debacle that went down as Bush and Gore fought for the White House.

The Judge explained that it helps to think of the election as 51 small, local elections comprised of the 50 states and DC. Lawyers working for both major parties, he explained, have become adept at being able to challenge polling when and if their side begins to lose. Democrats, for instance, will say that Republican poll workers won’t let authorized voters cast a vote, while Republicans will likely allege that Democrats are voting twice. And the courts will, of course, not be able to resolve all of these allegations on Tuesday night.

Brian Kilmeade then suggested that the best thing a voter could do, regardless of political affiliation, is show up and essentially “intimidate people into playing it straight.”

“Well, you’re allowed to have poll watchers,” Napolitano replied, seeming not too sure about the idea that one should encourage people to “intimidate” other voters.

Have a look, via Fox News:

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