Judge Napolitano Not Buying Facebook’s Explanation For Pulling Anti-Obama Image

Judge Andrew Napolitano stopped by Fox & Friends on Thursday, where he weighed in on Facebook’s decision to have pulled an image critical of President Barack Obama that had been posted by a Navy SEAL PAC.

Facebook, Napolitano emphasized, is a private operation, meaning that it isn’t owned and operated by the government. And “the first amendment only restrains the government,” he explained. “So, as distasteful for them to kick people off of their platform because they disagree with the political message, they can do so. However, there is a bright side to the story. And that is there was an overwhelming negative response to Facebook when they kicked this statement from the SEALs off, and that statement is now back on. This also demonstrates what a lot of us have been talking about for the past few weeks. The mainstream media is intentionally avoiding the story and it is of profound interest of the American public because it goes to the heart of the government. When is the government lying; when is the government telling you the truth? When is the government saving lives; when is the government not doing its job?”

Napolitano didn’t seem too sure about Facebook’s statement apologizing for the mistake, wondering if maybe some “rogue censor” with a political agenda had taken the post down and now the company is attempting to somehow cover it up.

Have a look, via Fox News:

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