Judge Napolitano On Whether Zimmerman Can Get A Fair Trial: Move Players To Part Of FL With Less ‘Saturation’

Judge Andrew Napolitano sat down on Fox & Friends Friday morning to talk about the George Zimmerman case. He went through some basics of the situation, and asserted that Zimmerman can indeed get a fair trial.

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For a fair trial, he said, they’d have to bring in a jury from another part of Florida or take the players in the case and move them to another part of Florida. Another part “doesn’t mean there’s any part of Florida where people haven’t heard of it,” but rather a part, if there is one, “where the saturation hasn’t been as extensive.” You won’t find 12 jurors that haven’t heard of the case, Napolitano said, but you can find ones “that do not have an opinion of Zimmerman’s guilt.”

He further added that the special prosecutor likely didn’t go with grand jury because they felt they wouldn’t be able to prove a first-degree murder charge, so they decided to charge Zimmerman themselves. With the second-degree murder charge, Zimmerman faces up to life sentence behind bars — so “don’t expect” him to get bail.

Napolitano ended the segment with that assertion, then, on a lighter note, asking the host, “When do I get kiss you again?”

Take a look, via Fox News:

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