Judge Napolitano Schools Brian Kilmeade On Government Spying: Obama Administration ‘Does Not Respect Privacy’

Judge Andrew Napolitano stopped by Fox & Friends Tuesday morning to give host Brian Kilmeade his rundown on President Barack Obama‘s record when it comes to Americans’ privacy.

“If the government inadvertently discovers private information about you,” Napolitano explained, “in the Bush administration, it destroyed that information. In the Obama administration, it keeps that information for five years and makes it available to the governmental agencies. Brian, the bottom line is the government does not respect privacy, the government does not respect the Fourth Amendment, the government is in the business of gathering enormous amounts of private information without going to judges and getting search warrants. It’s doing 95 percent of it by technology.”

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“They’re gathering information without probable cause,” he continued, “and without a reason about the person from whom they’re taking this information.”

“Private cell phone calls as well, right?” asked Kilmeade. “They’re tracking that.”

“These cell phones, which we all carry around, can be utilized by the NSA to overhear our conversations when they’re innocently in our pockets and when we think they’re not on,” said Napolitano.

Watch, via Fox News:

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