Judge Napolitano Tackles The Question ‘Is Government Unshrinkable?’

Judge Andrew Napolitano stopped by Fox & Friends on Tuesday, where he was asked whether government can be shrunken down or if — as former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers opined — it needs to grow larger.

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Napolitano said that, sure, if the government continues providing entitlements to the same people under the same circumstances as it does today, Summers is ultimately correct. But, he added, if we listen to Paul Ryan‘s suggestion of providing a free market option, we can cut down on the debt we’ll accumulate in the future.

Host Steve Doocy weighed in by saying that Ryan wants to make some “smart choices to save some things” to make big government run more smoothly.

Later, Doocy noted that people paid into Medicare and have an expectation to see their efforts returned, prompting Napolitano to explain that “it is a moral deal, but it’s not a legal obligation on the part of the Congress.”

Watch, via Fox News:

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