Miller and Powers Tackle Syria Media Bias: We Shouldn’t Be ‘Hostage to [Obama’s] Stupidity’

On Fox News today, Judith Miller and Kirsten Powers took on the media bias surrounding the national debate over Syria. They both thought a dose of healthy skepticism was warranted and questioned President Obama‘s handling of the situation, with Miller saying he was “stupid” to threaten the red line.

Jon Scott brought up a piece this week by The Atlantic‘s Conor Friedersdorf going after the media bias inherent in much of the reporting on Syria, going after “contestable assumptions” made by reporters and editors who often write stories about these issues without “realizing their biases.” Miller argued the bias is very much towards the “automatic assumption” a note vote will hurt the U.S.’ credibility in the Middle East.

Much of Friedersdorf’s piece focuses around the issue of whether Obama is required by the Constitution to seek Congressional approval for military action in Syria. Powers believed he should, adding “I don’t know that he’s met the standard” for unilateral action due to an imminent threat. Miller slammed Obama for his “stupid” red line threat, saying the U.S. should not be “held hostage to that stupidity.”

Both Miller and Powers noted how people are far more skeptical now than ten years ago with Iraq, with Powers saying Iraq is “coloring the whole debate” over Syria.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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