Judith Miller Says Biden Accuser is a Bernie Supporter Trying to Stop Ex-Veep’s 2020 Run: She Waited ‘Five Years? Come On’

Fox News contributor Judith Miller believes the new allegations against Joe Biden are politically motivated — with the accuser, a 2016 Bernie Sanders supporter, possibly coming forward now in an effort to stop the ex-vice president from entering the 2020 race.

Miller joined Harris Faulkner on Tuesday’s Outnumbered Overtime to discuss the controversy over Biden’s physical interactions with women over the years. While noting there is a difference between being affectionate and being creepy, Miller expressed her view that the Biden allegations have something to do with the fact that certain members of the Left don’t want him running for president.

“I think it’s really an effort by Bernie Sanders and his supporters to prevent Joe Biden from entering the race,” Miller said. “If people don’t understand what’s going here, they’re not looking…”

When Faulkner asked Miller to elaborate, she noted that Lucy Flores‘ connection to Sanders, and that both of the latest Biden claims stem from an “ancient incident.”

“[She waited] five years? Come on,” Miller said. “I was in Washington a long time. I never heard a scintilla of rumor about Joe Biden and extracurricular activities. Ever. I think this is a question of trying to keep them out of the race.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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