Jury Foreman Breaks His Silence Over Jury’s ‘Suspicions’ Of Casey Anthony’s Father

The (unnamed) jury foreman in the Casey Anthony trial broke his silence to Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, sharing that “there was suspicion” of Anthony’s father, George Anthony. Juror #11 shared that the sexual abuse allegation brought against Mr. Anthony in court, saying that “there was no real evidence of that,” so he and other jurors were not able to take these into consideration in deciding the outcome of the case.

The foreman said he is “used to reading people” because of his profession, adding that he kept a close eye on Mr. Anthony’s demeanor while he was on the stand. He found that George Anthony had very “selective memory,” particularly involving a canister of gas and the woman with whom he may have had an extramarital affair. The foreman said this brought up questions for him regarding Mr. Anthony’s character — Was this a man capable of lying in court? — and the possibility that he was somehow involved in the circumstances surrounding his granddaughter’s death.

“There was a suspicion of him,” concluded the foreman, to the degree that a possibility existed of George Anthony being a murderer.

Have a look at his interview, courtesy of Fox News:

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