comScore Justin Amash Rebukes Critics of His Third Party 2020 Run

Justin Amash Rebukes Critics Calling Him a ‘Spoiler’ Over Third Party 2020 Run


On Sunday, Independent Michigan Congressman Justin Amash blew off critics accusing him of enabling Donald Trump’s re-election with his 2020 third party presidential campaign.

Amash, who prominently left the Republican Party in 2019, spoke to CNN’s Jake Tapper about his plan to run for the White House as the Libertarian Party’s nominee. The congressman was asked to respond to Joe Walsh and other critics who’ve said he can’t win and will only be a “spoiler” taking votes away from Democratic presumptive nominee Joe Biden.

“The important thing is, we don’t know how the additional candidate changes a race. It’s too impossible to figure out. There are too many calculations involved,” Amash said. “I’m going to win this election. We need to win the election for the American people.”

Since Amash has said that he is running because of public dissatisfaction with Trump and Biden, Tapper moved on by questioning him on whether the numbers really show that voters are unhappy with both choices. Amash retorted that most of the country is politically independent, and while “they might prefer one candidate or the other if you have a two-candidate field, if you make it a three-candidate field and you have a compelling candidate, they’d be delighted to go that candidate.”

“For too long, we’ve had the same system where these two parties go at each other and Washington is totally dysfunctional. That’s why I left the Republican party, because there is this partisan death spiral,” Amash said. “We need someone who is going to come in as president, respect our Constitution, defend our rights, and fix our representative system of government so people will actually feel represented at home.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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