Justin Amash: Trump Using U.S. Forces Almost as ‘Paid Mercenaries’


Congressman Justin Amash, the former Republican who became an independent this year, criticized President Donald Trump over his Syria strategy and for how his words wildly differ from his actions.

Amash said that while the U.S. should have withdrawn troops “long ago,” when you actually do it “you have to plan ahead of time how to handle it, and he could have prepared in advance for the obvious consequences.”

“He certainly knew what Turkey would do. And then he acts surprised that they’re coming in and committing acts of violence,” he continued. “I think you don’t wait till after withdrawing the troops to make a plan to go pressure Turkey to ease up and then call for a ceasefire.”

The president has repeatedly talked about wanting to bring troops home and ending “endless wars,” most recently touting comments from Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

Amash said, “It’s pretty clear he’s not bringing home the troops, he’s just moving them to other parts of the Middle East… He’s moving troops back into Iraq. He’s moving other troops into Saudi Arabia. And he’s using our forces almost as mercenaries, the paid mercenaries who are going to go in and, as long as Saudi Arabia pays us some money, it’s good to go.”

With respect to impeachment, when Todd asked how many Republicans would actually vote with the Democrats.

“Maybe one or two,” Amash remarked. “But realistically, politics drives a lot of this. And representatives are elected every two years, and they hear from their constituents. And frankly, a lot of the Republicans will be worried about primaries, and they think the president is popular within the primary electorate, and he is.”

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