Kaine Questions If Hacked Clinton Emails Are Real, Tapper Points Out ‘You Could Ask Her’

Tapper KaineAfter Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine repeatedly insisted that he couldn’t confirm or deny the validity of leaked Hillary Clinton campaign emails released Friday, CNN’s Jake Tapper finally asked why he didn’t just ask his running mate.

Tapper asked on State of the Union about one email, which seemed to show that Clinton told a group of bankers in a paid speech that her “dream” was for “open borders and open markets.” But Kaine said that it wasn’t clear whether of not the email was real.

“I don’t think we can dignify documents dumped by Wikileaks and just assume that they’re all accurate and true. Anybody who hacks in to get documents is completely capable of manipulating them,” he noted.

“Are you disputing the accuracy of this? Did Hillary Clinton not say to these Brazilian bankers that she has this dream?” Tapper asked.

“Jake, I have no way of knowing the accuracy of documents dumped by this hacking organization,” said Kaine.

Tapper tried again. “Is this document then, is it accurate? Did she tell Brazilian bankers that her dream –”

“I have no way of knowing that. I have no way of knowing that,” Kaine insisted.

“Well, you could ask her,” Tapper pointed out.

That was met with an awkward silence. “But the documents are in the thousands,” Kaine finally said. “I haven’t asked her. You asked me about her position on trade, her position on trade is very clear.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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