Kamala Harris Cheers Fox News’ Chris Wallace for Slamming Bill Barr: ‘Good for Him’


Sen. Kamala Harris offered rare praise for a Fox News journalist on Saturday, saying “good for him” when speaking with MSNBC’s Joy Reid on her show AM Joy.

The two were discussing Attorney General William Barr suggesting he could get the federal government involved in lawsuits brought against states over “restrictive” coronavirus lockdown measures.

On Friday, Fox News Channel anchor Chris Wallace said that this kind of talk from Barr is “legally suspect.”

“The idea that the Attorney General of the United States is going to get involved with a lawsuit in an individual state that perhaps goes against the president’s guidelines and goes against the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution?” Wallace said to Fox’s Sandra Smith. “I don’t see that happening.”

Joy Reid brought that up, and played a portion of it for Sen. Harris. “Even on Fox News there are people who are sort of squinting their eyes at the things that he’s saying he’s going to do to states,” said to introduce the clip. “This was Chris Wallace’s response to this idea that William Barr thinks he’s going to go after blue state Governors who defy Donald Trump.”

After the clip played, she asked, “Now Senator, is he accurate about that? I mean you yourself have been an attorney general so you know what the job involves, is that true, what he’s proposing is that unconstitutional, as was explained by Mr. Wallace?”

Harris first responded that any attorney general in the United States has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, and they each do so “with the spirit of understanding we hold these positions in the public trust.”

She said that it became “clear from the very beginning that [Barr] is the hand of the president and that he acts as the personal attorney of the president, instead of the attorney of the people.”

“Bill Barr is, I think clearly has proven himself not to hold this position in the public trust,” she said.

“And good for Chris Wallace,” she added. “Good for him.”

Watch the clip above courtesy of MSNBC.

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