Kamala Harris Smacks Down Question on How to Pay for Progressive Proposals: ‘Where Was That Question’ for Trump?

At the start of NBC’s 2nd round for their 2020 Democratic presidential debate, Kamala Harris turned Savannah Guthrie‘s question back at her when asked about how Democrats will pay for several of the party’s most popular progressive policy proposals.

Guthrie brought up proposals for several government benefits including student loan cancellation, free college and healthcare.

“Do you think,” she asked Harris, “that Democrats have a responsibility to explain how they will pay for every proposal they make along those lines?” Harris didn’t hesitate to twist the question into a referendum on President Donald Trump and the GOP’s tax reform bill.

“Well, let me tell you something,” Harris answered. “Where was that question when the Republicans and Donald Trump passed a tax bill that benefits the top 1% and the biggest corporations in this country contributing at least $1 trillion to the debt of America, which middle class families will pay for one way or another? Working families need support and need to be lifted up, and, frankly, the economy is not working for working people.”

Harris went on to say that “for too long, the rules have been written in the favor of the people who have the most and not in favor of the people who work the most.” This led to her proposing a change to the tax code where “every family that is making less than $100,000 a year, they will receive a tax credit that they can collect up to $3500 a month,” and she also vowed to roll back the GOP’s tax bill.

Watch above, via MSNBC

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