Karen Finney Says Joe Biden is Going to be ‘Accountable’ for the ‘Unfinished Business of the Obama Presidency’


Former advisor to both Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams, CNN political commentator Karen Finney has a lot of insight on internal Democratic campaign intrigues and primary battles, and weighed in on Thursday regarding former VP Joe Biden’s entry into the 2020 nomination race.

On The Lead, host Jake Tapper asked Finney for an overview of Biden’s entry to the race and his chances.

“I think you’re right that people feel like they know a lot about Biden, and it’s going to be up to Biden to demonstrate, as he continues this roll-out, to make sure that he’s speaking to those things that people think they know about him,” said Finney. “And how does he do in those one-on-one sessions.”

“I’ve said this before, I think this is where the debates are going to be so important,” she continued. “Because it’s also going to be for the other candidates on the stage to — there’s going to be little bit of a stature gap, right? Just naturally as a former vice president, how are you, as the other candidates, going to handle that, and his level of experience?”

“But also does he recognize he’s going to be accountable both for the unfinished business of the Obama presidency, as well as his own record from his time in the Senate?” she added. The question of Obama’s legacy has come up already in the primary race, and with freshman members of congress like Rep. Ilhan Omar.

With campaign issues such as the ACA and immigration in top of mind among 2020 Dems, Obama’s legacy, and what it hasn’t accomplished, will probably come up again. But in this segment the conversation moved on for a time, eventually circling to Sen. Bernie Sanders, who faces some of the same “baggage” weight that Biden has.

Tapper eventually brought up the fundraising to date, and the question was raised about what happens if Biden doesn’t come in with impressive numbers, or how he, or any other candidate, can bring their numbers up.

Finney pointed out that the game is going to really be decided by just one factor: Trump.

“It’s also going to be a place where again that tension between who can inspire us, and who can beat Trump,” she said, essentially a reference to the tension between the further left side of the party firing up activists, and the center of the voting public. “As we go through the primary, the farther we go the more people think ‘this is who can beat Trump,’ that’s going to be the person who get’s the money.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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