Karen Handel Silences Jon Ossoff With One Simple Question During Congressional Debate


Remember that special election in Georgia the entire country was focused on back in April?

Here’s a recap: A special election was held on April 18th to fill the vacant congressional seat that was left behind by Tom Price, who now serves as the Health and Human Services Secretary in the Trump administration. Democrats were hoping to flip the 6th District blue with Jon Ossoff as he was on the same ballot as 17 other candidates, including eleven Republicans. To avoid a runoff, he had to earn at least 50% of the vote. He ended up with only 48.1%, which meant he and the leading Republican candidate Karen Handel (who earned 19.8% of the vote) would continue to the runoff election being held on June 20th.

On Tuesday night, Ossoff and Handel and faced off in a locally televised debate. And one moment that is going viral was when Handel asked the Democratic candidate one simple question.

“Who are you going to vote for in this election?”

Ossoff was literally speechless.

Why was he speechless? It’s because Ossoff cannot vote for himself due to the fact that he does not live in the district he’s actually running in, something he was criticized for back in April.

After several seconds of silence, Ossoff acknowledged his current residence was outside the 6th District of Georgia but he grew up there and retaliated by mentioning the fact that Handel was born and raised in Washington D.C. and not in the 6th District of Georgia.

Watch the painful clip above, via WSB-TV 2 Atlanta.

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