Karl Rove Blasts Donald Trump, Says He’s Trivializing The Election Process


Early Monday morning, Donald Trump phoned in to Fox & Friends and said that if the candidate he eventually endorses doesn’t win the nomination, he may jump into the race as, “a free agent.” This all, of course, has to wait until after Trump’s new season of Celebrity Apprentice concludes in May.

Karl Rove, apparently not a fan of Trump’s, joined the show as a guest a few hours later and hammered Trump for his involvement in this race, saying how absurd it is that he’ll be acting as a debate moderator when there’s still a possibility he might run as an independent candidate. He also suggested that nobody would watch the debate because it’s two days after Christmas on a network not available in a lot of homes.

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Eventually, a clip of Trump’s earlier appearance was shown, where he made the “free agent” comments. Rove blasted Trump for his hubris:

“It doesn’t help the country. If you’re going to be a candidate, be a candidate. Don’t make it contingent upon whether whether your show’s renewed or not? If your show’s not renewed, you’re going to run for president. How trivial is that. How does that trivialize the most important decision that we Americans have, which is who we’re going to elect as our president.”

Watch a clip of Rove’s appearance on Fox and Friends below, courtesy of Fox News:

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