Karl Rove Declares That Herman Cain Has ‘Peaked’

Herman Cain’s reign on top of the 2012 contender list may be coming to an end. That’s the impression Karl Rove gave during an appearance on Fox News this morning as he slammed the candidate as having “created an image of him not being up for this task” through a series of blunders.

The conversation began with talk of Cain’s seemingly-confused stance on abortion. However, Rove then continued, pulling out an entire white board filled with missteps Cain had made thus far in the campaign. This all correlated with poll numbers that, according to Rove, show that Cain had already “peaked.”

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Of course, it’s possible that one should take Rove’s declaration of the Cain campaign’s death with a pinch of salt. Cain, is a favorite candidate with the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party and, previously, some of the harshest critiques that GOP establishment member Rove has given to Conservatives, have all been directed at Tea Partiers. However, whether Rove was biased in his denunciations of the likes of Christine O’Donnell or not, he was still right in predicting their losses.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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