Karl Rove Rips Trump For Demanding DOJ Investigate Hillary Clinton: ‘Not How We Do Things in America’

President Richard Nixon was under great political scrutiny surrounding the Watergate break-in, but it wasn’t until taped evidence of his directing the Department of Justice emerged that impeachment proceedings were introduced in a bipartisan fashion.

It’s a germane history lesson as we currently find ourselves with another embattled commander-in-chief, though President Donald Trump is now openly calling for the Department of Justice and FBI to investigate his political rivals.

If this feels unseemly to you, then you are of like mind with former Karl Rove, the Fox News contributor and former Senior White House Aide for the Bush Administration.

“This is not how we do things in America” he commented, after claiming it ” unwise for any president of any party to look like he is demanding that the Justice Department investigate his political opponents. It is just unseemly.” He then added “what if Hillary Clinton had won the election? Would we be excited about Hillary Clinton calling upon her attorney general to investigate Donald Trump over the meeting at the Trump Tower?”

It is an understatement to say that Rove has never been a fan of Donald Trump, but it is noteworthy to see him so publicly break Ronald Reagan’s famous “11th Commandment” which states “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” One could argue that Trump’s policies are quite different than the GOP policies of the mid-80s, but that is a column for another day.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News

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