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Karl Rove Slams Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee Over Bush-Bashing Comments

On Laura Ingraham‘s radio show, Karl Rove defended the Bushes against a series of comments, including Sarah Palin‘s reference to the Bushes as “blue-bloods” and Mike Huckabee saying the Bushes “weren’t for me.”

Rove called Palin’s blue-blood remark “unnecessary” and suggested that going after the Bush family showed weakness: “Governor Palin ought be confident. She’s got a right to run.”

Rove was tougher on Huckabee, who he accused of violating Reagan’s prime directive: never speak ill of another Republican:

Governor Huckabee doesn’t need to be saying ‘[the Bushes] weren’t for me.’ Do you think Ronald Reagan was sitting there saying ‘George Bush was not for me.’ Just move on. Make the best argument you can for yourself.

Ingraham asked if anyone would run as a “Bush Republican” in 2012, and Rove said they all would–by saying they support the Bush War on Terror and the Bush tax cuts–even as the GOP civil war continues.

Listen to Rove’s remarks here:

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