Karl Rove To ABC: ‘I Could’ Imagine The 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Backing Gay Marriage

Rove: 'I Could' Imagine 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Backing Gay Marriage

Republican strategist Karl Rove told George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week that he thinks Republican presidential candidates in 2016 could be supporters of marriage equality. Rove my the comments during a discussion on the Supreme Court’s hearing on a challenge to California’s Proposition 8 schedule for later this week.

“Karl Rove, can you imagine the next presidential campaign a Republican candidate saying flat out ‘I am for gay marriage,'” asked Stephanopoulos.

“I could,” said Rove, before turning the discussion back to the Supreme Court’s hearing on the issue.

Rove said that he thinks some Supreme Court Justices have expressed sentiments in the past that wide reaching decisions on social issues, like Rove vs. Wade, went too far and that it’s possible the court could avoid a repeat of that. There’s a possibility, he thinks, that court wants to avoid setting a national standard on the issue of gay marriage like it did on abortion and instead leave it up to the states to decided how to proceed.

“What we may see is a decision here that in essence has, not a 5-4 decision, but a 6-3, 7-2, that says leave it up to the states, in fact we could see an 8-1,” said Rove.

Watch clip below via ABC

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