Kasich Dismisses Bernie Sanders’ 2020 Chances: He ‘Isn’t Going to Be President,’ Too ‘Out of the Mainstream’

John Kasich, former Ohio governor and current CNN commentator, dismissed the idea that Bernie Sanders would ever be president.

On CNN this morning, Kate Bolduan brought up how little the Barr memo on the Mueller report seems to have changed public opinion thus far.

“Everything is tribal right now,” Kasich said.

After briefly talking about the Republican strategy into 2020, he teed off on the Democrats and said, “The question is, can they pick somebody for ’20 who is not going to be extreme? Because their base is… way out there. And that’s not going to work for them.”

The current RCP poll average has Sanders in second place behind Joe Biden. Bolduan brought up Sanders’ fundraising haul, as well as Dana Milbank‘s column in the Washington Post arguing that Sanders is “the Trump of the left.”

“Bernie Sanders isn’t going to be president. It’s just not gonna happen,” Kasich predicted. “I’ve just gotta call them like I see them… He’s too far to the left. He’s just way out there. That is not where people are.”

“You know, they don’t like that left wing ideology. They don’t like a lot of right wing ideology either,” he elaborated. “What we’re seeing today is sort of an absence of really exciting, new ideas. And that’s where these candidates have to go.”

Kasich added that “Bernie, with his issues… [is] just out of the mainstream.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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