Kasie Hunt Awestruck By Katy Tur’s Crazy Nunberg Interview: ‘We Need to Break Down What Just Happened’


Following Katy Tur’s absolutely off-the-rails MSNBC interview with former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg mere minutes after it was reported Nunberg was refusing to appear before a federal grand jury on the Russia investigation, Kasie Hunt kept Tur on the air to talk about that astonishing thing everyone had just witnessed.

As Tur ended her lengthy call with Nunberg by telling him how “remarkable” and “unbelievable” that interview was as it included him saying Trump may have done something during the election, she let him know that she needed to hand off to her colleague Hunt. Nunberg reacted by saying “tell her I said hello.”

“I’m sure she can hear you,” Tur said. Sam Nunberg, thank you very much.”

Hunt immediately asked Tur is she could keep the host on for a second, adding that “we need to break down what just happened here.”

“I’m going to ask the forgiveness of my producers for ignoring the script for just a moment before we get started,” Hunt continued. “You just spent several minutes talking to Sam Nunberg that I worked as well covering this campaign. It was a remarkable conversation and I was thinking you should let him stay on the phone there. What did you take away from that exchange and let’s just recap for our viewers who may have just tuned in.”

Tur recapped some of the main points that were hit on during the wide-ranging and bonkers phone call, including Nunberg’s declaration that he’d rip up the subpoena at 6 PM today and the notion that he doesn’t want to hand over documents related to Roger Stone and Steve Bannon. Tur and Hunt discussed how Nunberg sees Stone, Trump’s longtime confidant, as something of a mentor.

For the next few minutes, Tur would be tossed into a panel discussion with NBC News correspondent Ken Dilanian to comment on all that was revealed in the Nunberg interview.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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