Kathie Lee Lets Slip That Hoda Kotb Was In The Running For Ann Curry’s Job At Today


On Thursday, during the Today show’s fourth hour, hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb waded into some personal territory during a segment on competitiveness.

You don’t have to be the most avid of media watcher to gather that the opportunity Gifford is talking about is the Today anchor position Ann Curry recently lost to Savannah Guthrie… And it also doesn’t take a media expert to see that Kotb was fairly surprised that Gifford brought up the sticky subject on air.

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“All right, how competitive are you?” Gifford asked her co-host as an intro the next segment. “We know how competitive you are, Hoda!”

“There is a survey out by Yahoo! Shine and Fitness magazine and it says that 80 percent of people admit to being competitive,” Kotb responded.

“Would you compete with a best friend?” she later continued. “If there was a job opening would you and your best friend were both vying for it, would you compete or would you… I guess you’d have to compete, how could you not? Ninety percent would compete, by the way, for a job with a best friend.”

“Well that has recently happened around here and I was extremely happy for you!” said Gifford.

At this point, Kotb looked surprised.

“When you were considered for something wonderful,” Gifford continued. “I’m happy for you! If the person’s a friend, you’re thrilled for them!”

After taking a moment to thank Gifford, Kotb then quickly brought the conversation back to the topic at hand. “Most people,” she announced, “are competitive about weight.”

Aw. Have a look, via NBC:

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