Kathleen Parker on Demise of Compassionate Conservatism: ‘It’s Too Bad About Iraq’

On Wednesday afternoon’s edition of MSNBC’s Now, guest-hosted by Joy Reid, Wall Street Journal columnist and Sally Jessy Raphael tribute person Kathleen Parker joined the show’s panel in discussing income inequality, pegged to the 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty. Parker, discussing the ideas in her latest column, lamented conservatism’s move away from “compassionate conservatism.”

Defending her column’s assertion that “roughly 99.9 percent of Americans — perhaps even North Korea’s favorite son Dennis Rodman — actually like income inequality,” Parker explained that “We talk about all sorts of political terminology.”

“It is geared to sort of stir emotions, rather than deal with the real problems,” Parker continued. “When I say that Americans prefer inequality, it’s meaning that they don’t really want income equality. I actually disagree with Republicans on almost all of these pieces, I think we should continue the food stamps, I think we should extend unemployment benefits.”

“And I hate the assumption that if you support people when they’re in dire straits, they’re never going to find a job,” Parker added. “Most of these people are not unemployed because they want to be. It’s too bad about Iraq, really, if we can take it back to the war, because Compassionate conservativism was a very good idea that is now…”

Joy Reid added “It’s out of fashion, like the Bushes.”

Here’s the clip, from MSNBC’s Now:

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