Kathy Griffin Celebrates Her ‘Tin’ Year Anniversary with CNN by Wrapping Anderson Cooper in Foil

Because the weirdness of New Year’s Eve demands it, Kathy Griffin decided to have some fun with Anderson Cooper by wrapping him up in foil on CNN.

Tonight is Griffin’s tenth year as CNN’s New Year co-host, and she decided to have a very “tin” themed celebration to mark the occasion. Griffin had a rough start at first as the foil kept falling off of Cooper, but sure enough, she completely covered him with it in the end.

“Isn’t this kinda who you are,” Griffin asked Tin Cooper. “You might as well be walking around with this on and in fact if I know you, you’re photographed in this tomorrow trying to be incognito.”

You can check out how Cooper felt about the whole thing in the video above, via CNN.

[Image via screengrab]

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