Kathy Griffin: Nancy Pelosi ‘Basically Mediated’ Fight Between Me and Lana Del Rey

“What?” — You, probably.

Kathy Griffin told Seth Myers that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) actually mediated a fight between her and singer Lana Del Rey, and came to Griffin’s defense against a disgruntled Del Ray.

So as the story goes, Griffin was invited to one of Clive Davis‘s pre-Grammy parties where she met Pelosi, who complimented her on her work with Fashion Police. The next moment, she saw Lana Dal Ray, tried to introduce herself, but was completely snubbed by an irritated Del Rey.

According to Griffin, Pelosi responded hilariously: “Oh my, did you put her on the worst-dressed list?” Well, she did, Lana Del Rey said. Griffin did not seem to remember this, but is used to being confronted by angry celebrities over the “worst-dressed” list.

“And so Nancy Pelosi, like she has done for decades, was basically mediating between myself and Lana Del Rey, and she’s had a lot of practice,” Griffin said. “And Nancy Pelosi, of all people is like, ‘Oh Lana, dear, it’s just a show where they show pictures make little jokes, dear, don’t be upset. And Lana Del Rey is like ‘Eh, I don’t think so!'”

So there you go. Nancy Pelosi has had lots of experience mediating fights — both political and otherwise.

Watch the video below, via YouTube:

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