NBC’s Katy Tur Calls Out Trump For Doing ‘Totally False They-Don’t Show-The-Crowds Riff Again’


trump-rally-crowd-sizeeditedDuring a rally this evening in Selma, North Carolina, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump once again made the claim that the “dishonest” news media doesn’t want to show the size of his crowds. He complained that the camera just focuses on his face so when it is shown on TV, viewers don’t get to see how big the crowd is.

As you may recall, earlier this week Trump singled out NBC News’ Katy Tur over this, saying she wouldn’t report on the crowd size. This led to Tur getting harassed by rally goers, which eventually gave us the #ImWithTur hashtag on Twitter for those expressing sympathy for the reporter.

It should also be pointed out that Trump apparently is very aware that the pool camera which is used for broadcasts is fixed on him. However, it hasn’t stopped him from making this complaint at various rallies.

Tur and other reporters on the scene commented on Trump’s remarks tonight.

Watch video of the rally above, via Right Side Broadcasting.

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