Katy Tur Calls Out Trump’s ‘Lies’: Still ‘Waiting for the Apology on All of Those’

After an extremely testy presser between “a less than pleased” Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the Washington Press Corp — in which the White House press secretary suggested reporters intentionally spread false information — MSNBC’s Katy Tur pointed the statement back at the Trump administration to ask about their own lies.

While Sanders railed against CNN, a Washington Post reporter, and ABC News for recent episodes of botched reporting, Tur noted that the current White House has a terrible track record when it comes to telling the truth — a history of falsehoods that she is still “waiting for the apology” on.

Tur voiced these thoughts in a monologue immediately following today’s press briefing:

“Let’s be clear about something — reporters make mistakes. We’re human. Sometimes our sources aren’t as good as they should be. Sometimes we speak too soon. Sometimes we mess up. And when the mistake is serious enough, we are suspended or we are fired. The president and this White House have misled the American public multiple times, from things as innocuous as crowd sizes to retweeting misleading videos meant to sow division and fuel fear. Hello, Britain First.”

The MSNBC host then broke down the exact figures relating to the White House’s campaign of misinformation.

“In fact, the New York Times has compiled handy list of 1,620 false claims the president has made since taking office. That is five and a half false statements or lies per day,” she said.

Adding, “We are waiting for the apology on all of those.”

As for the Britain First videos, Tur was referencing racist clips shared on President Donald Trump’s Twitter page designed to present Arab immigrants in the UK as violent or generally malicious. However, it later turned out that much of the content in the videos was highly questionable or outright false.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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