Katy Tur Confronts Rep. Jim Jordan in Heated Clash: Isn’t Trump Doing What You Slammed Obama For?


Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) gave an interview to Katy Tur on MSNBC today, and like most Jim Jordan interviews, the conversation moved at 100 mph while hitting a plethora of topics.

Tur began with President Trump‘s latest rage-tweets against Robert Mueller, asking “if the president is innocent, why is he not acting like he’s innocent?”

Jordan argued that Trump is acting like he’s innocent, albeit frustrated with the investigation. Jordan proceeded to talk about Andrew McCabe and the other high-ranking figures involved with Mueller’s investigation, though Tur reminded him that Trey Gowdy (R-SC) was the one who suggested Trump should try acting innocent if that’s really what he is.

The discussion continued with Jordan asking when Mueller’s investigation will end, while Tur asked why Trump and his team are attacking the investigation if they’re so confident they’ll be cleared of any wrongdoing. Jordan eventually brought up the Fusion GPS dossier and the alleged FISA abuses against Trump’s 2016 campaign, to which, Tur responded that that was a “partisan finding” from the Republican side of the House Intelligence Committee.

“I’m not going to argue and go down this rabbit hole,” Tur said, trying to reign in the conversation. Jordan took issue with that, going on about Christopher Steele and the alleged omissions from the FISA Court.

Tur moved on by asking why he was excusing Trump for tainting the Mueller investigation when he used to decry how the Obama Administration handled investigations on Hillary Clinton‘s alleged wrongdoing. Jordan insisted that he doesn’t have a double standard, after which, Tur brought up two old tweets of his where he criticized how the previous presidency handled inquiries

“So you think it is not okay for a president to prejudge an investigation by saying there is not even a smidgeon of corruption, but it’s okay for the president to say that an investigation is a witch hunt and a hoax,” Tur asked.

Jordan answered that it was a completely different situation, with different influencers at play for an investigation that ought to reach a conclusion. He and Tur continued to have a rousing talk about whether a second special counsel in necessary, and whether the investigation is truly tainted when it was launched by members of Trump’s Department of Justice.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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