Katy Tur Grills Fmr. Trump Aide Sam Nunberg: ‘What is the Deal With This Campaign and Russia?’


“This was a weird presidential campaign. It was a weird presidential cycle,” said Sam Nunberg, an advisor to President Donald Trump during the campaign.

Truer words, of course, were never spoken. And Monday on MTP: Daily, Nunberg tried to used those words to justify the actions of Donald Trump Jr., who took a meeting with a Russian lawyer who promised dirt on Hillary Clinton.

“When you look at this, and you look at the context of the meeting, is this something that amounts to treason? Is this something that amounts to collusion?… I would say I’m one of those people where it says it’s a nothingburger.” Nunberg said.

But anchor Katy Tur was having none of that. She went back at Nunberg and asked why the White House appears to be so outwardly friendly to Russia.

“What is the deal with this campaign and Russia?” Tur said. “What’s the deal with the friendliness towards Russia? What’s the deal with all the contacts toward Russia? Is it a real estate thing? And why is Donald Trump, why is he willing to go after everybody, Sam, except for Vladimir Putin?”

Nunberg attempted to turn the question back on Tur by bringing up “leaks,” namely the infamous Access Hollywood video.

“This was a very, very dirty campaign, okay?…This own network leaked out videos, right, that he had from 2006,” Nunberg said.

“We didn’t leak out any videos,” Tur replied.

Access Hollywood?” Nunberg fired back.

“This network is not Access Hollywood,” Tur responded. “This is NBC News.”

“Well, NBC News colluded with Washington Post, no?” Nunberg asked.

They didn’t, and Tur was exasperated as she pointed this out.

“No, we did not,” she said, unable to suppress a laugh.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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