Katy Tur Grills Lisa Bloom on Initial Harvey Weinstein Defense: Hasn’t It ‘Damaged Your Reputation?’


MSNBC’s Katy Tur had a feisty exchange with mega-lawyer Lisa Bloom today about whether her pro-women public legacy has been undone because of her early role within Harvey Weinstein‘s sexual misconduct scandal.

Back in October, Bloom legally advised Weinstein as his production company prepared to make a TV series based off of her book. When allegations about the Hollywood mogul’s horrifying behavior set off a national conversation about sexual harassment, reports emerged on how Bloom tried to discredit the claims about Weinstein’s history of misconduct.

Bloom has stopped representing Weinstein since, and she said that her previous work was a “colossal mistake.” Today, Bloom was asked about Rep. John Conyer’s alleged harassment, and she called on the congressman to release one of his accusers from her confidentiality agreement.

When Tur brought up Weinstein, Bloom bristled as the anchor read through previous reports before asking “haven’t they damaged your reputation as an advocate for women?” Bloom denied the previous reports, and she spoke about how often people in her line of work defend men from sexual allegations. Bloom also made a point of insisting that most of her work has gone towards representing victims, and that she no longer legally advises the accused.

When Bloom tried to talk about Conyers, Tur brought the conversation to Weinstein again, asking “if you really care about the victim that you are representing, and you really want to her message out there, do you believe that you are the best person to represent her in doing that?”

Watch Bloom’s response in the video above, via MSNBC.

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