Katy Tur Groans at the Mention of Possible Democratic ‘Brokered Convention’: ‘It’s Too Soon!’


MSNBC anchor Katy Tur bemoaned the mention of a brokered Democratic convention in 2020 during a panel discussion on Meet the Press Monday, saying talk of it was premature.

Tur’s panel was discussing the primary candidates hoping to face President Donald Trump in the general election, with Susan Del Percio arguing there was no clear path for any candidate – even among the frontrunners.

“Before we even get to the general election … how does Biden become the nominee? Because with Bernie Sanders staying in solid number two, Buttigieg raising money. I don’t know — the fundraising numbers are going to come in January. That’s going to be very telling to see what they have to compete, because I see a brokered convention,” Del Percio said.

“Oh no, I can’t with the brokered – it’s too soon!” Tur responded. “John Podhoretz brought up a brokered convention over a year and a half ago and I almost kicked him off the set!”

A brokered convention is what takes place if a political party has no nominee who is able to secure a majority of delegates by the time of the party’s nomination convention and past the first round of delegate voting for a nominee.

Del Percio went on to argue that Joe Biden would be able to win a brokered convention if it were to happen.

“As long as no one person runs the table in the first one or two states, then I think it opens the door,” Basil Smikle argued

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